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Dried fish is a signature ingredient of West African cuisine. Dried A.F.P. HADDOCK FISH, also known as Ambassade fish, is a popular ingredient in many (West-)African soups and stews that are eaten together with fufu.

Product number:             F003256A

Packaging:                        3 kg

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Today, AFP’s reputation for convenience, service and quality have resulted in strong sales growth A.F.P. HADDOCK FISH (SIZE L). Savencia Fromage & Dairy, with its identity as a modern pioneer with international ambition, continues to propel AFP’s leadership in U.S. food manufacturing. Every plant is now BRC certified, meeting Global Standard of Food Safety requirements. Flavor options, product lines, packaging capabilities, and contract partnerships with co-pack brands have all advanced the enterprise significantly. With over 400 employees and a total shipping volume of 170,000 metric tons per year, AFP boasts the size and experience to meet any need.

The 2000s

In 2001, the enterprise became AFP advanced food products LLC—with real efforts to streamline. The company into its niche as a producer of aseptically packaged products—focused on cheese sauces, puddings, and beverages. Clear Lake, Wisconsin, offered AFP a northern plant opportunity, with multiple capital investments bringing new form-fill-seal technology and increasing production capacities.

The 1970s, 1980s, 1990s

Beginning in 1978, as French ownership by Groupe Bongrain allowed the company to expand further, various product lines and packaging options were introduced—including beverages and flexible pouches. The company purchased the Real Fresh® brand, a shelf-stable dairy leader, in 1988, consolidating with pudding brand Major Smith in 1992. The Visalia, California, plant also opened during this era, advancing production capabilities and West Coast competitive advantage.

The 1960s

In the early 1960s, the company began to transition. Investing in an entire system that could process and package milk safely and efficiently. After a disastrous fire razed the Pennsylvania facility, a new and expanded cheese plant was constructed. For approximately a decade, the company capitalized on markets for cottage cheese and cream cheese. Mergers with Tuxedo Foods Company and East Smithfield Farms changed the dynamics for the growing dairy company. As did emergent public interest in canned puddings and shelf-safe products A.F.P. HADDOCK FISH (SIZE L).

The 1940s

Beginning as a Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, milk products manufacturer in 1940, and originally called Zausner Foods Corporation. AFP revolutionized its capabilities as a dairy foods business in 1951 when it launched the use of cutting-edge aseptic technology A.F.P. HADDOCK FISH (SIZE L).



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