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Laila, synonymous with quality and excellence. It is one of the leading ethnic food brands and top dry rice companies in the UK LAILA GOLDEN SELLA RICE. Established in 1996 initially to provide the best quality Basmati Rice to the rice-eating Asian community in the UK. Laila brand has grown by leaps & bounds in the last two decades, and become one of the country’s top-selling Basmati rice brands.

At Laila, we are committed to producing as well as providing the best in class rice, flours, and pastes to our customers. We keep the goodness of nature, wholesomeness, and flavors intact across all our products. We have achieved this stage because of our people. Who are an integral part of our journey from farm to table?

Laila team works closely with the farmers, owns a rice mill in Punjab where the initial refining process begins before the rice is shipped over to the UK and packaged. Similarly, with other ranges, the team works closely with the farmers, procures quality produce to ship to the UK. This sourcing model ensures that the quality of Laila products is never compromised. LAILA GOLDEN SELLA RICE 20KG

Laila is a flagship brand of Surya Foods, one of the leading basmati rice manufacturers and suppliers in the UK. Since its inception, we have been on an exciting journey. Increasing our products range and reach over the decades and thus becoming world food leaders.

Have a glance at a few of our milestones, which highlight our journey to becoming the cream of the crop.



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